‘Karen’ goes viral on TikTok for explosive rant after neighbour puts up new fence

A woman has gone viral on social media after she erupted during an explosive row with her neighbour who put up a fence.

The neighbour’s ballistic tantrum was caught on camera and uploaded to TikTok after the woman suddenly burst into an angry diatribe after the neighbour erected a property dividing fence.

In the clip the livid woman can be heard shouting at the neighbours as she branded them “s****y” and accused them of “spying” on her and her husband, BirminghamLive reports.

The feud escalated when the woman started to make angry gestures towards her neighbour after she accused the next door neighbours of keeping close tabs on them.

She said: “You created nothing but crap with all your picture taking. We have been taking down trees which actually helped you.

“We took back your property for you because it was creating leaves and everything.”

She continued: “You can’t take pictures of me and make my life difficult when I want to cut down trees and do this.

“You’re so full of crap. God you got me so mad now.”

TikTok users have rushed to have their say in the comments as the video goes viral on the video sharing app.

The angry neighbour then threatened to call the police over the dividing fence as the video, which has over 1.7million likes, has amused TikTok users as they laughed at the angry “Karen”.

But some users were more interested in the fence worker who was just minding his own business during the epic rant.

One TikTok user replied saying: “Fence man just minding his own business.”

And another agreed, chipping in with: “Golly, the poor guy working.”

As one user said: “She about to cry and dude just digging away” and another user joked: “I like the fact that he keeps digging doesn’t give a damn lol.”

The video has racked up scores of views, shares and likes since it was posted on the app by the TikToker.