Resident Evil 2 Remake has now sold over 10m copies

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake has now sold over 10m copies since its release in 2019.

Capcom shared the news on Twitter with a parody image of an endgame ranking beside a typewriter – it received an SSS of course.

The news follows the recent update to the game for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, adding 4k support, ray-tracing, and improved framerates.

Back in May Capcom reported record sales, thanks mainly to the huge success of Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise.

Earlier this year Resident Evil 2 Remake was Capcom’s third highest selling title ever, just behind Resident Evil 7 in second place.

It’s yet to update its list of Platinum Titles, but previously Resident Evil 7 had sold 10.8m units and Resident Evil 2 Remake was on 9.6m.

However, Monster Hunter World remains the publisher’s top title.

Indeed, the Monster Hunter series is selling exceptionally well. The recently released expansion Sunbreak has already surpassed 3m units sold in just a couple of weeks.